High output and superb fuel efficiency - ISUZU diesel technology pioneers new territory.
The 4HK1-TC with High-Pressure Common Rail Fuel Injection System and ISUZU 6-speed transmission [MYY6S] offers best-in-class* power as well as superb fuel economy, making ISUZU ELF ideal for businesses seeking cost-effective operation.
* Highest output and torque in 5 ton GVW category.
The powerful, easy-to-handle 4HL1-TC engine is now available on more models. With outstanding output and torque as well as proven durability and reliability, it's ideal for a large variety of applications.
Bigger Halogen Headlamps
Clear resin lenses and headlamp reflectors provide outstanding illumination over a broad area to improve night-time visibility and safety.
Wider Windscreen and Bigger Side Mirrors
Offer extra visibility of surroundings, reducing blind spots (in compliance with UNECE Regulations).
Load Sensing Proportioning Valve (LSPV)
Senses the load on vehicle and evenly distributes brake force to avoid skidding during sudden braking.
6-Stud Radial Tyres*
Provide better handling and stability, and more resistant to punctures. The 6 studs contribute to durability when supporting heavier loads.
*Available for NPR81UKH, NPR75UKH and NQR only.
Hydraulic Brake Booster (HBB)**
Higher brake assist force with more durable brake lining.

**Available for NQR only.
Tubeless Tyre with Wheel Cap
Tubeless tyres provides higher load capacity coupled with longer tread life durability and is good for fuel efficiency.
Wide Angle Outer Mirrors*
Offer extra visibility of surroundings, reducing blind spots (In compliance with UNECE Regulations).
90 Degrees Door Opening
90-degree wide door opening and longer handle grip provide effortless cabin access along with a larger step area and wider cabin floor.
Rear Fog Lamp*
Rear fog lamp provides high visibility to other road users during inclement weather or during poor visibility conditions.

*UNECE Regulation Compliance.
In pursuit of a design with lasting appeal, ISUZU made effective use of lines between cabin parts and included no superfluous decoration. Its exterior cabin's high rigidity, aerodynamically efficient design and user-friendliness ensure that the functionality of a light duty truck is not compromised.
Bigger Axle Capacity (Up to 9.7 tons*)
Increased durability when handling maximum load.
*Based on axle capacity design
Wider Brake Lining
More durable when carrying maximum load and contributes to longer-lasting brakes.
Wider Chassis Frame (850mm)
Unlike our competitors in the market, the ISUZU ELF provides better bending strength and better stability when carrying maximum load.
One Piece Straight Chassis
Even load distribution ensures better stability for heavy usage. Chassis without rivets guarantee effortless body mounting.
6mm Thick Chassis Frame
A stronger, lighter and thicker chassis frame provides greater strength for any job.
Longer Leaf Spring
The extended spring is sturdier, capable of handling higher loads with less deflection.
Excellent Ingress/Egress
90-degree wide door opening and longer handle grip provide effortless cabin access along with a larger step area and wider cabin floor.
Vertical Outside Handles
Vertical handles make it easier to access tall vehicles. In addition, grips are designed to accommodate thick gloves.
Specifically designed with excellent accessibility, the cabin is a workspace designed for maximum utility, safety and comfort. The spacious cabin makes driving more comfortable with ergonomically placed interior panels to provide ample room. The redesigned seat reduces driver fatigue and allows easier ingress and egress.
Best-In-Class Cabin Space*
With an expanded head clearance, vertical front pillar and larger space behind the seats, the cabin can easily fit three adults comfortably
*Biggest Cabin Space in 5 and 8.5 ton GVW category
Ergonomic Instrument Panel Design
The switches are ergonomically designed and positioned for improved visibility within the driver's field of view.
Central Locking and Power Windows
Easier, more convenient operation for drivers.
Body Application
With the widest treads in its class, the new ISUZU ELF 6 wheeler allows installation of cargo bodies up to 2,600mm (8ft 6in) high and 2,429mm (7ft 11.5in) wide. The chassis wheelbase modification to 4,600mm (15ft) allows for cargo space up to 6,280mm (20ft 6in) long, offering greater versatility for any business.

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Drive Train 4 x 2
Model 4HL1-TC 4HK1-TC
Type 4-Cylinder In-line, 4-Cycle, Water-Cooled
OHC, Turbo with Intercooler
Displacement cc 4,778 5,193
Maximum Output (Gross) kW (PS)@rpm 99.3 (135)@2,600 110 (150)@2,600
Maximum Torque Nm (kgm)@rpm 372 (38)@1,600 404 (41)@1,600-2,600
Emission Level Euro 2
Fuel System Common Rail Direct Injection
Model / No. of Speed MYY-6S / 6-Speed Manual
Gear Ratio 1st 5.979
2nd 3.434
3rd 1.862
4th 1.297
5th 1.000
6th 0.759
Reverse 5.701
Final 5.125
Gross Vehicle Weight kg 6,500 7,500 6,500 7,500 8,500
Curb Weight kg 2,415 2,545 2,455 2,490 2,705 2,790
Front kg 1,665 1,690 1,610 1,630 1,710 1,785
Rear kg 750 855 845 860 995 1,005
Fuel Tank Capacity l 100
Front Type Reverse Elliot, I-Beam
Front Axle Capacity (Design) kg 3,100 3,300
Rear Type Banjo, Full Floating
Rear Axle Capacity (Design) kg 6,600
Suspension Front Semi Elliptical Alloy Steel Leaf Spring
with Double Acting Telescopic Shock Absorber
Tyres 205 / 85R16 215 / 75R17.5 205 / 85R16 215 / 75R17.5
Wheels 16 x 5.5J-116.5 17.5 x 6.00-127 16 x 5.5J-116.5 17.5 x 6.00-127
Service Drum Brakes with Dual Circuit Hydraulic Control, Vacuum Assistance and Load Sensing Proportioning Valve (LSPV) Drum Brakes with Dual Circuit Hydraulic Control, Hydraulic Brake Booster (HBB) & Load Sensing Proportioning Valve (LSPV)
Parking Brake Type Transmission Mounted, Mechanical Operated Internal Expanding
Auxiliary Exhaust Brake
Steering System Power Assist, Recirculating Ball Type
Min. Turning Radius m 6.3 7.1 6.3 7.1 7.8
Battery 12V x 2
Alternator 24V-80A 24V-90A
Overall Length OAL mm 5,985 6,635 5,985 6,635 6,635 7,355
Overall Width OAW mm 2,085 2,125 2,085 2,125 2,125 2,125
Overall Height OAH mm 2,215 2,255 2,215 2,255 2,255 2,255
Wheelbase WB mm 3,365 3,815 3,365 3,815 3,815 4,175
Front Overhang FOH mm 1,110 1,110 1,110 1,110 1,110 1,110
Rear Overhang ROH mm 1,510 1,710 1,510 1,710 1,710 2,070
Front Tread AW mm 1,680 1,680 1,680 1,680 1,680 1,680
Rear Tread CW mm 1,650 1,650 1,650 1,650 1,650 1,650
Cab to Axle CA mm 2,795 3,245 2,795 3,245 3,245 3,605
Option 1* mm - 4,175 - 4,175 -
Option 2* mm - 4,600 - 4,600
Option 3* mm - 4,800 - 4,800

*Applicable for NPR81UKH and NPR75UKH only.
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