Leading world-class manufacturer of pick-ups and commercial truck

For over 85 years, Isuzu has built more than 26 million diesel engines across the world. To date, the world-class brand has come to stand as a symbol of strength, reliability, and success when it comes to manufacturing pick-ups and commercial trucks. Our established reputation is built upon the core philosophy of Isuzu “Truck DNA” to produce vehicles that are engineered for Durability, Reliability, and Fuel-Efficiency.

Forty years in Malaysia
26 Million diesel engines produced to date
50+ dealers network across Malaysia
Over 100 years of specialist engineering since 1916

Whether navigating urban landscapes or conquering rugged terrains, this pick-up effortlessly blends style and substance.


A symbol of excellence in the commercial truck industry, Isuzu Trucks are crafted to exceed expectations in performance, durability, and efficiency.