17 September 2020


In 2005, Malaysians were introduced to a newcomer in the pick-up truck segment. The Isuzu D-Max that made its debut then proved to be the game-changer by bringing a whole new dimension to the way we moved.

Its frugal nature was simply legendary and when coupled with supreme dependability, the D-Max quickly made headway into the Malaysian market with robust sales propelling Isuzu into a top-ten position on the sales charts. Its appeal was undeniable and soon over 73,000 Isuzu D-Max made its way onto Malaysian roads and into the hearts of its owners.

Undeniably, at the heart of the D-Max’s popularity were its core features of reliability, durability and fuel efficiency. Enjoying superior design and build by Japan’s oldest automotive manufacturer and one of the world’s largest truck companies, the Isuzu D-Max has been virtually unparalleled in its reliable nature.

The reliability prowess of this truck has been proven over a dozen consecutive times on the famed Borneo Safari off-road expedition. Serving as the depended official media vehicle, the Isuzu D-Max has proven its tenacity and off-roading capabilities through the very extreme conditions in Sabah with minimal modifications.

Regular users on the North-South highway will notice a significant number of Isuzu D-Max plying the highways daily. This phenomenon is due to the fact that drivers and business owners can always depend on the D-Max to arrive faithfully at its destination. One such user is Cheah Chee Ying whose 2011 3.0-litre Auto has clocked well over 880,000km and is still pushing on with hardly any major part replacements.

Ask any owner about his D-Max and the fact that his vehicle gives him excellent fuel mileage will be the first point he makes. After all, the Isuzu D-Max never relinquished the title of Malaysia’s most fuel efficient pick-up truck by Asian Auto Magazine, an award it won for six consecutive years.

To prove its efficiency, a convoy of Isuzu D-Max comprising two units of 2.5-litre and two units of 3.0-litre each with auto and manual gearboxes were driven back in 2015 and completed the amazing 1,809km journey from Bangkok to Singapore using just the one tank of fuel it received before departing Bangkok.

While this is was an astounding feat by any standards, the following challenge by Isuzu Malaysia was even more mind-boggling as it combined three of the most demanding tasks for any vehicle – maximum load, extreme hill-climbs and phenomenal distance.

Loading up an Isuzu D-Max Single Cab 1.9-litre model with a tonne of boxes, the vehicle made its remarkable journey from the factory in Pekan, Pahang up four of the main peaks in Peninsular Malaysia – Gerik, Cameron Highlands, Fraser’s Hill and Genting Highlands, each measuring over 1,000m in elevation – before arriving in Shah Alam, Selangor. The vehicle completed the 1,145km journey with fuel to spare.

The challenge also underlined the superiority of the new 1.9-litre Blue Power engine that was recently launched in the Malaysian market. Developed with state-of-the-art technology, the new engine offers improved engine performance, stronger and tougher operation while lowering noise and emissions. The lower displacement of 1,898cc also means the lowest road tax among all pick-up trucks in the country.

To cater to individual customer requirements, the Isuzu D-Max model range has been widened to 11 variants, allowing customers to select the most ideal Isuzu D-Max to suit their requirements and budgets.

With the strong appeal of the Isuzu D-Max over the last 15 years, it has endeared itself to its owners and users for its strong character, all-day comfort and dependable nature.

To celebrate the significant role the Isuzu D-Max has played in our lives over the past 15 years, Isuzu Malaysia is inviting owners to log into Isuzu D-Max Malaysia’s commemorative page https://isuzudmax15years.com to share photos of themselves with their beloved pick-up truck.

Owners who successfully share their pictures before 15th of November 2020 will receive a limited-edition exclusive 15th anniversary t-shirt (while stocks last) specially produced for this programme. So hurry and don’t miss out on this opportunity to share your love for your favorite pick-up truck and take home this very special souvenir.