06 July 2017


6th July 2017 â€“ Isuzu Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (IMSB) announces that Yuumi, a talented entertainer and model, is joining Isuzu Malaysia family as their brand ambassador.

Born in Japan, Yuumi and her parents had moved to Malaysia since she was five years old. She is able to converse in multiple languages inclusive of Japanese, English, Malay and Chinese. This is an advantage of being in the foreign country at early age and to be able to learn other languages and cultures. She went to local school in Malaysia and that was when she learns Malay language.

In 2015, it was a debut to her career as a model. Her career was evolved from modeling to also be in the television station for special programs. She appeared in local popular TV program called “Jenaka Kampung Kalut”. This program was thirteen episodes of comedy series that was on air at TV3 channel. She also took part in TV9 morning show called “Nasi Lemak Kopi O” and the ever popular program, “Melodi” at TV3.

Soon in August 2017, she will be featured in “The Captivating Travel of Malaysia” to promote Malaysia in travelling channel that will be on air at few cable and satellite televisions in Japan such as CATV, SkyPerfecTV and IPTV.

“I am delighted to welcome Yuumi as our brand ambassador. Although she is still young and at the development stage of her career, she is strongly committed to be a part of Malaysian society and willing to take a challenge in this country, in which we found something in common with ourselves. In addition to that, her charisma and lively personality are an ideal fit for the Isuzu brand. I am confident that our collaboration will be tremendously beneficial to everyone”, said Hajime Machimura, Executive Director of Isuzu Malaysia.

“I am all excited and feel very grateful for this collaboration with Isuzu Malaysia. This is such an amazing honor in my career to be associated with Isuzu, a top Japanese brand both in Malaysia and globally”, said Yuumi.

As the face of Isuzu Malaysia, Yuumi will appear in all multimedia campaigns including all types of media, digital, roadshows and social media. She is set to appear as a ring girl in the World Boxing Council (WBC) Asia and Orient and Pacific Boxing Federation (OPBF) title fight on 9th July in Mid Valley Exhibition Center. Isuzu Malaysia is the main sponsor of the title fight.

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