24 April 2015


National electric company Tenaga Nasional Bhd’s aim to improve on its customer service was given a solid boost when it took delivery of 60 Isuzu NPR 71 trucks to replace its aging fleet of support trucks.

The 60 units made up the initial batch of 200 Isuzu NPR 71 trucks that TNB will take delivery of over the next two years for its use in its field and rural support service following months of extensive product evaluations and comparison tests.

A delivery ceremony of the new Isuzu trucks was conducted by CEO of Isuzu Malaysia Kenji Matsuoka who handed a symbolic mock key to TNB’s Senior General Manager of Procurement and Vendor Management Tuan Haji Adibi bin Ambak.

Speaking at the ceremony, Matsuoka voiced his gratitude to TNB for recognizing the strong product qualities of Isuzu trucks including its superior durability and fuel efficiency that would help keep TNB’s services running smoothly and dependably.

“For a major power supplier that Malaysians depend on to keep the pulse of this country beating, timely response can be a highly critical factor. It needs a reliable transport partner that will keep them fulfilling customer needs day or night, 365 days a year. We are grateful that Isuzu trucks have been tasked to fulfill that need,” said Matsuoka.