Haji. Mohd Nawi Bin Omar
Owner of HJN Enterprise

ISUZU customer since 1989


Being in the fish business for the most part of his life, Haji Nawi is no stranger to hard work. At only 15, Haji Nawi toiled away at a fish market every day, after school. With 5 years experience in the fish business, he decided it was time to cast the net wider by becoming an entrepreneur. He started by doing everything on his own; from driving and loading to selling fish.

As the business grew, so was the need for reliable transportation, especially for the long-distance drives to Kuantan and even Thailand. He said, "Choosing the right business partner is as important as choosing the right partner in a marriage." For this, Haji Nawi chose Isuzu trucks and Isuzu D-Max for his family businesses usage. "They are affordable, offer low maintenance and extremely tough, yet comfortable to drive." Haji Nawi added.

"Isuzu D-Max also shine at being an excellent family car. The ride and cabin comfort together with unmatched fuel-efficiency is ideal for long road trips that strengthen family ties," he said. Besides commercial usage, Haji Nawi and his family regularly participated in numerous road trips with their Isuzu D-Max to many places such as Langkawi, Thailand and recently they have just convoyed with Isuzu Kelantan for the Cameron Convoy event. Haji Nawi knows he could always rely on Isuzu's impeccable customer service, just as how he has relied on Isuzu as his trusted business partner for the past 30 years. He now owns 6 lorries and 4 units of the D-Max which all are the limited edition series.

No stranger to hard work? No problem with Isuzu.


In construction, it is necessary to conduct a professional soil investigation before a site can be developed. As GEOSpec's projects are largely located in rural, unexplored terrains with no proper accessibility, it is important to have the right vehicle, to get the job done right.

This is why Isuzu is the preferred brand for Mr. David's company. With outstanding handling on harsh road conditions, impressive stability and durability, Isuzu makes inaccessible areas, more accessible. It's low fuel-consumption and high performance engine makes it ideal to transport heavy loads on a daily basis.

As with most businesses, it's always prudent to stick with proven methods. Isuzu has proven to be reliable for GEOSpec. According to Mr. David, the oldest performing truck of over 15 years, still functions like a well-oiled machine. It is no wonder that he added over 40 units of Isuzu vehicles to the company fleet.

For a tough vehicle, Isuzu is also unbelievably comfortable. Whenever he drives his work truck home, it becomes a family car with his young son always requesting for rides.

Mr. David is confident that Isuzu, as a reliable partner, will continue to help propel the business of GEOSpec further, even as it explores more and deeper areas for development.
Mr. David
Director of Geospec Sdn Bhd

ISUZU customer since 2009