24 April 2017


The expedition to Pattaya, Thailand at approximately 2,500KM for 6 days involved 20 units of pick up truck. The objective of this expedition is to show D-Max capabilities to take up any challenges.

“Pattaya Convoy – Isuzu 4×4 Land” is organised by Isuzu Malaysia northern authorised dealer, Indah Utara. The convoy group was set to depart from Isuzu AlorSetar 3S Center to Thailand on 24 April, and returned to homeland on 29 April 2017.

One of the highlight throughout the journey wasthe visit of “Isuzu 4X4 Land” in Pattaya. It is 81,000sq. metre piece of land with numerous obstacles and extreme road condition to test Isuzu vehicle’s reliability.

Speaking during the flag off ceremony, Executive Director of Isuzu Malaysia Hajime Machimura emphasize on its brand core values; durability, reliability and fuel efficiency.

“We are very grateful to be able to organize such expedition with our customers. By doing this, it allows our team members to connect directly with the customers. Together with the customers we are able to experience the products that we designed, engineered, manufactured and sell.”

“This is also a way to show our support to our customers. It does not mean that once the car has been sold, we will not connect with them anymore. Through this kind of activity, we can retain our customers and gather new ideas to inspire for future innovations.”

Apart from Isuzu D-Max, there will be two units of Isuzu mu-X, one is a seven seater SUV that was first introduced in Malaysia market back in 2015, and a face lifted version Isuzu mu-X Type S that was introduced on October last year.

Isuzu mu-X is built on a shared platform with the D-Max.It is a lifestyle SUV that marked a memorable debut in the 2016 Borneo Safari Offroad Challenge when it was granted the “Vehicle of the Year” award for its first time participation.

Besides that, Isuzu mu-X also underlined its capabilities by winning the New Straits Times-Maybank Car of the Year title as the best SUV 4×4 in 2015.

Indah Utara Managing Director Mr. Poh Seng Hooi expressed his confidence and excitement over this expedition.

“This event is important for us as we value our customers. It is organized to enhance the after sale relationship with them. We hope that this will be an annual event for us as it allows us to engage and connect with our customers.”