22 November 2018


KUALA LUMPUR, 22 NOVEMBER 2018 – On display in Isuzu section at Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show 2018 are an street rugged D-Max, off road version of mu-X and the new 1.9L Ddi BluePower engine.

There is a highly eccentric urban rugged design of the D-Max. The exterior comes with army electric blue geometrics and highlight red as the main body colour. The body is upgraded with steel bumpers, street styled alloy wheels and a roll bar with a tougher look. The interior come with a “blue metal armour” design, which reassembles a suit of a soldier.

The mu-X is improved upon after its participation in the renowned Borneo Safari. It is fully off road capable, equipped with various add-ons. Such items are the winch, roof tray, mud tyres, and steel bumpers. It is also lifted 3 inches for improvement in ground clearance in both inclines and declines. The interior received an upgrade in leather seats. The monotone black and yellow accent decal complements the entire rugged and tough look.

One of the highlights on display is the newly invented RZ4E-TC 1.9L Ddi BluePower diesel turbo engine. The RZ4E is a new generation diesel engine which is the result of four years of extensive research in diesel engine technology.

One of the key focuses was the enhancement of fuel efficiency. The newly invented engine will have a clothoid curve combustion chamber, as well as anti-friction Diamond Like Coating materials. It will also feature a new common rail injector producing 200Mpa of pressure to improve fuel atomization for a more complete combustion.
On the environment portion, a new Variable Geometry Turbo charger System (VGS) now features an exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system. This system will reduce Nox emissions.

Overall the new 1.9L Ddi BluePower turbo diesel engine is 60kg or 20% lighter than the larger 2.5L Ddi VGS Turbo engine that is replaces. It produces 150 horsepower and has a flat torque feature or 350 Nm from 1,800 – 2,600 rpm. It also has a remarkably low carbon dioxide emission of 161g/km.

Summarily the RZ4E boast a 10% power improvement, 9.4% more torque, 8.2% faster acceleration, and a 19% improvement in fuel economy.

The engine is paired with the Isuzu D-Max and mu-X in Thailand. However there is no indicative date of the engine’s launch in Malaysia.

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