05 September 2017


Isuzu Malaysia now offers a complete line-up of trucks to meet the growing demand for high-quality, dependable and fuel efficient trucks following the launch of its new Isuzu GIGA range of heavy duty rigid trucks and prime movers today.

As part of the ceremony, updates to the Isuzu FORWARD range were also introduced, two variants including the 11-ton GVW FSR PRO and 16-ton GVW FVR PRO.

With its introduction, Isuzu Malaysia is now able to offer Malaysian business operators with an array of its hard-working trucks in all segments ranging from the light-duty Isuzu ELF series to the medium-duty Isuzu FORWARD series and now, the heavy duty Isuzu GIGA series of trucks.


The Isuzu GIGA family will offer two variants in the prime mover segment, the Isuzu GIGA PRIME 18-ton truck with a 4×2 drivetrain and a 23-ton truck with a 6×4 drivetrain.

Apart from the prime movers, the GIGA range will also include a 6×4 rigid truck designed for haulage in extreme conditions. The Isuzu GIGA FXZ 360 uses the same engine as the Isuzu GIGA PRIME models and also features the same nine-speed ZF gearbox.