24 February 2023


Kuala Lumpur, 23 February 2023 – Isuzu Malaysia Sdn Bhd (IMSB) announced today that the Isuzu brand has once again led Malaysia’s top-selling commercial vehicles last year, cemented by the company’s historic triumph in having achieved the highest combined retail sales of 6,546 units, including light, medium and prime mover trucks.

This achievement has extended Isuzu’s market-leading position again as Malaysia’s top-selling truck brand for the 9th consecutive time and as the top-selling light-duty truck for the 13th time.

Chief Executive Officer of Isuzu Malaysia Sdn Bhd Shunsuke Okazoe said, “All of us at Isuzu Malaysia are extremely honored and privileged to have retained the top spot in the country’s competitive truck market continuously year after year. The total number of truck sales we recorded for 2022 was a historic and unprecedented success, and which outperformed our previous record of 6,391 units of sale in 2015 by an increase of 155 units or 2.43 percent.”

“The Isuzu brand have been dominating the market for many consecutive years and much of that strength comes from our light-duty ELF trucks. However, in the middle of last year we further made a significant impression with the entry of the new generation Isuzu GIGA truck range, comprised of the ‘C&E’ series in five new models for high-demand customers in the heavy-duty and prime mover segment.

“These new generation trucks, which emphasized reliability, aerodynamic design and higher performance for increased efficiency, have captured the interest of our customers and proved to be a promising business contributor. This had further strengthened the Isuzu brand and enabled us to record an outstanding overall sale figure last year.”

Despite the market’s nascent recovery phase after battling the negative effects of the global pandemic, IMSB shared that the business had managed to remain resilient and continued to stay on top of the curve.

“Several crucial elements that we have executed well have definitely ensured the stability of our competitive edge. Having an extensive and close rapport dealership network is definitely one of the important factors here. Our dealership network is in fact, the largest from a truck brand with 48 centers spread across every state and at strategic locations in Malaysia to deliver quality products and technical expertise and services to all our customers,” said Okazoe.

The global pandemic had also caused supply chain problems like labor shortage, parts inventory delay and fluctuation in sales, deeply impacting the automakers sector and logistics industry as a whole.

IMSB said the company was not spared from these challenges but they were able to overcome any long-term or major obstacle as a result of well-coordinated efforts between key stakeholders, especially with local assembling partner, Isuzu Hicom Malaysia (IHM). This has enabled IMSB to ensure a continuous and sufficient supply of Isuzu products and superior quality control to customers, which keeps the Isuzu brand and business stable and ahead in the market.

“The year 2022 started out with renewed demand after a few years of market doldrum. During the market downturn, we felt compelled to remain optimistic and continue to be a nimble player within our operating environment. On this note, IMSB had rolled out several strategic initiatives such as partnering with new dealers, opening of new centers, and of course the introduction of new truck models such as the new generation Giga trucks. These efforts are important as Malaysia is a key market for Isuzu and we take pride in having been operating here for over 19 years, contributing to the logistics sector and the economy of the country.”

“IMSB is very honored to share this success with all our stakeholders be they employees, dealers, customers and business partners because without their dedication and support for the Isuzu brand, achieving a market-leading position year-on-year would be difficult. As such, we look forward to continue forming close relationships by providing excellence and value in our products and services to all of our customers,” concluded Okazoe.

For more details on Isuzu’s range of vehicles, please call 1-300-88-1133 , visit https://trucks.isuzu.net.my/ or https://www.facebook.com/IsuzuTrucksMalaysia