08 July 2021


Sales of the all-new Isuzu D-Max in Malaysia has flourished with over a 100 percent rise in orders since the new model made its recent debut, mirroring a similar global phenomenon that has witnessed a huge rise in demand for this vastly-improved pick-up truck.

An average monthly booking of over 1,200 units have been received for this new third-generation model since its launch in April this year, recording a generous leap over the previous average monthly bookings of 500 units. This trend emulates an identical euphoria in such markets as Australia, New Zealand and Thailand where sales growth have also multiplied with buyers eagerly snapping up this sporty and versatile utility vehicle due to its fresh and sporty design, enhanced ergonomics and improved engineering.

“This all-new D-Max phenomenon that has swept the various markets has been somewhat overwhelming. Needless to say, the attractive design, new and improved features and proven Isuzu reputation contributed significantly towards convincing customers to switch or upgrade to this all-new D-Max model,” said Isuzu Malaysia’s Chief Operating Officer Masayuki Suzuki.

Combining excellent value and a generous suite of features, the 1.9-litre Premium (Auto) has been the top choice with close to 36% percent of buyers picking this as their next pick-up truck. Offering the lowest engine displacement in the market yet producing a hefty amount of performance, the 1.9-litre Premium model is particularly popular in Peninsula Malaysia where the benefits of the low road tax is best appreciated. In fact, 61 percent of sales were chalked up here, reversing the traditional 60/40 balance where East Malaysia absorbed a bigger share of vehicles.

The new flagship model – the X-Terrain – powered by an improved 3.0-litre engine that offers significantly more refinement and performance has also been a popular choice with buyers nationwide, making up 17 percent of the total volume. Despite a premium on its road tax, more than half of all the X-Terrain sales have come from the Peninsular where many of its niceties such as its Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS) and comfort features, refined and intuitive cabin, bold and sporty design and superior handling both on and off road make it particularly popular with lifestyle buyers.

While the all-new Isuzu D-Max has made inroads into the lifestyle segment with its improved design and ergonomics, 81 percent of new owners have stated that they would utilize their trucks for both work and pleasure underlining the inherently robust nature of Isuzu products.

“The response to this new model has been extremely positive considering the limited opportunities prospects have had to fully experience the new model due to the strict movement controls and safety protocols. Our current aim is to ensure the smooth, safe and timely delivery of vehicles to our customers despite the various administrative and logistical concerns faced domestically and globally,” added Mr Suzuki.

The all-new Isuzu D-Max is a true game changer with a mix of variants suited to individual requirements and desires. To find out more, an augmented reality experience is available for those who wish to browse in the safety of their own homes. Check out the all-new Isuzu D-Max at pickuptruck.isuzu.net.my or https://www.facebook.com/ISUZU.DMax.Malaysia/