04 September 2014


Isuzu Malaysia now offers a complete line-up of trucks to meet the growing demand for high-quality, dependable and fuel efficient trucks following the launch of its new Isuzu GIGA range of heavy duty rigid trucks and prime movers today. The company also updated its Forward range by adding two variants in the 11-ton GVW and 16-ton GVW range.

With its introduction, Isuzu Malaysia is now able to offer Malaysian business operators with an array of its hard-working trucks in all segments ranging from the light-duty Isuzu ELF series to the medium-duty Isuzu FORWARD series and now, the heavy duty Isuzu GIGA series of trucks.

Speaking at the launch, Director & Senior General Manager of Isuzu Malaysia Katsuro Ishihara noted that the introduction of the new Isuzu GIGA trucks was an important step forward by the company in an effort to offer customers with full range of Isuzu products.

“Isuzu’s reputation as a producer of top-quality dependable and efficient trucks has been the cornerstone for its global success. Particularly here in Malaysia where it has been the top-selling truck brand in the light duty segment for four consecutive years, our customer demands are growing for a wider range of trucks to meet their individual needs,” said Ishihara.

The Isuzu GIGA family will offer two variants in the prime mover segment, the Isuzu GIGA PRIME 18-ton truck with a 4×2 drivetrain and a 23-ton truck with a 6×4 drivetrain. These trucks are the result of the latest Isuzu design concept based on the 700P platform, giving the new GIGA its handsome and strong stance while providing the cutting-edge aerodynamics, ergonomics and safety standards.

Powered by the turbocharged and intercooled commonrail 6-cylinder 6UZ1-TCC powerplant, the Isuzu GIGA offers impressive hauling performance with 360PS and a whopping 1,422Nm of torque on tap.

Apart from the prime mover, the GIGA range will also include a 6×4 rigid truck designed for haulage in extreme conditions. The FXZ 360 uses the same engine as the Isuzu GIGA PRIME models and also feature the same nine-speed ZF gearbox to put power to the ground more effectively.

To provide more customized solutions to individual customer requirements, Isuzu Malaysia further introduced additional variants to the Isuzu FORWARD series. Starting with Isuzu FSR PRO, this narrow cab 11-ton GVW bridges the gap to the smaller light-duty Isuzu ELF models by offering greater tonnage for intra-urban haulage. It even uses a 4-cylinder powerplant making the truck less bulky and more efficient around city streets.

Joining the FSR PRO in the Isuzu FORWARD line-up is the FVR PRO, a truck that shares the same engine but with a longer wheelbase and a bigger 16-ton GVW. The two new variants will join the current line-up of FVR models in the 18-ton category which topped the sales charts in 2013.