13 January 2015


Heavy rain that fell incessantly on the opening day of Isuzu Dura-Mission 2015 turned jungle slopes into muddy tracks while small streams swelled into raging rivers. Nonetheless, it was these challenges against the elements that members of the media were able to test the capabilities and limits of the Isuzu D-MAX V-CROSS.

All ten units of the standard D-MAX made it confidently through the atrocious conditions, earning the respect and admiration of the media who took turns to helm the cars on the drive around the northern region of Sabah.

Day two offered contrasting conditions as blue skies and bright sunshine accompanied the convoy across the spacious plains near Kota Belud. While the convoy managed to enjoy the excellent scenery on the drive, the challenges remained plentiful as there were deep crevices and gorges to overcome, a result of the recent heavy rains that swept the country.

By exploiting the power delivery of the 3-litre V-CROSS and the excellent off-road capabilities of its 4×4 system, the media convoy was able to continue on even when the road ends to discover some of the most breath-taking places the country has to offer.

The rewards were cool mountain streams, grassy plains and deserted beaches in their natural splendour but the Dura Mission 2015 also allowed the participants to experience a helicopter ride in the mountains and a white-water rafting trip to cap off some of the activities.

Throughout the 600km journey with luggage and crews on board, the Isuzu D-MAX V-CROSS took all that nature threw at them without a single falter. The cars also completed the entire journey without needing to refuel, further impressing members of the media.

“It was a truly remarkable journey for me and some of the images I witnessed during the Dura Mission will remain etched in my memory forever,” said Daisuke Ishida who also participated in the event.