12 February 2015


Isuzu trucks have once again emerged as Malaysia’s top-selling truck brand in 2014 with the light-duty ELF model emerging as the best-selling truck line for the fifth-consecutive year.

According to statistics provided by the Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA), Isuzu light-duty trucks topped the sales charts with 6,024 units, a 4.5% improvement over its previous year’s performance of 5,788 units.

In announcing the successful retention of its No. 1 position, CEO Kimitoshi Kurokawa said that the success of Isuzu in keeping its leading position can be attributed to its impressive products and strong customer-centric sales and after-sales operations.

“Isuzu products have long been synonymous with dependability and efficiency; two key words that ring strongly among business operators who are concerned about controlling operating costs. By offering our products through a strong dealer network that spans all the major business regions in the country too, we have managed to offer customized transportation solutions to suit any business requirement,” said Kurokawa.

“Efforts in 2015 will be to enhance the brand value through greater customer-care programmes and further improvements to sales and service processes to ensure customers find the most appropriate Isuzu truck for their needs,” added Kurokawa.