15 April 2014


With their heavy delivery schedules and tight windows for service, many truck companies face difficulties servicing their vehicles according to manufacturer’s recommended schedules. In recognizing this issue, Isuzu Malaysia developed a pilot project to reach out to truck users at venues and times that are convenient to truck operators.

Under the Isuzu Service Clinic R&R project, personnel from various divisions of Isuzu Malaysia including the Service Marketing Department, Field Service and Warranty, Fleet Support and Vehicle Sales set up a mobile service centre at a popular truck stop along the main north-south truck route in Peninsular Malaysia.

The team spent approximately 10 hours at the venue, beginning from the late evening till a little past midnight when most of the truck drivers stop at this rest area in Slim River, a town approximately two hours north of the capital Kuala Lumpur. 

The Isuzu Malaysia team inspected all the Isuzu trucks that stopped and made on-the-spot adjustments to the trucks that required it and also suggested a list of items that might need future attention.

Apart from the vehicle inspections, various activities were organized including refreshments, games and relaxing massages. 

The pilot event was successfully conducted with close to 100 truckers visiting and participating in the activities throughout the evening. According to General Manager of Isuzu Malaysia Katsuro Ishihara, plans are afoot to develop more of such activities in an effort to bring better high-quality service and greater convenience to busy truck operators.