14 November 2013


The best of both worlds is what visitors will experience at the Isuzu Malaysia booth in this year’s KL International Motor Show (KLIMs) that begins this weekend. A mix of stylish urban vehicles showcased together with warriors of the jungle highlight the diverse capabilities of Isuzu vehicles to the audience.

Headlining the displays will be the new Isuzu D-Max X-Series pick-up truck that is bound to turn heads. This stunning limited-edition pick-up truck that debuts at the show offers motorists a new level of breakaway individuality that will move the senses and the soul.

With its strongly-accented body decals, aerodynamic package, exclusive imported Italian leather trim and in-car entertainment system, the Isuzu D-Max X-Series will be a big hit at the Isuzu booth.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Isuzu D-Max ‘monster’ thrives in a very different environment from the Isuzu D-Max X-Series. Named for its off-road stance, the monster recently emerged from the 23rd Borneo Safari despite it being one of the toughest off-road events in recent history. Having transported members of the media through some of the most rugged terrain Sabah had to offer, the Isuzu D-Max monster remained unwavering in its task and was aptly named ‘Vehicle Of The Year’ by the organizing committee for its impressive resilience throughout the event and the fact that the car was virtually stock-standard save for the body lift to accommodate the large mud-terrain tyres and some protective bars.

In keeping with the theme of nature, Isuzu Malaysia will be showcasing its latest Isuzu NPS 4×4 Jungle King. This vehicle not only delivers the most powerful performance in its class, the NPS 4×4 is also one of the toughest off-road machines in the market today. Finished in unique tiger stripes, the Jungle King will be a sight to behold for any truck watcher.

What visitors to the Isuzu booth may not notice will be an incognito Isuzu FXZ truck. This soon-to-be-launched 6×4 heavy-duty truck variant will be uniquely outfitted to double its duty not only as a display vehicle but also as the base for a giant double-sided LED screen. This unique showcase is but one of numerous applications possible with the big and powerful FXZ which will soon join the line-up as the most powerful 6×4 offering by Isuzu Malaysia.

As a world leader in diesel engine technology, Isuzu will also be offering visitors with a unique perspective into the workings of a modern diesel engine. In this case, a giant see-through engine of the current Isuzu D-Max will be on display. Visitors will be able to see just how Isuzu extracts the best performance and fuel efficiency from this new Variable Geometry Turbo System (VGS) engine.

On the softer side, Isuzu Queens, the roving ambassadresses from Thailand will be in town and will make their daily appearance at the Isuzu booth so be sure to catch these beauties and all the Isuzu exhibits at Hall 1, PWTC.